Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday Study Link-up

Welcome to Sunday Study Link-up again! It’s been a crazy week, and I am really excited for the Sabbath so I can recharge. And tomorrow is Fast Sunday in my ward, due to General Conference so I am doubly excited. I really enjoy Fast Sunday, and not just because I usually get to watch V bear his testimony (and here) – which is always moving – I just really enjoy the extra spirit on Fast Sunday.

I have been listening to the Teaching, No Greater Call podcast on the Mormon Channel. Yesterday one of the hosts mentioned that he met a woman in Costa Rica who read the Teaching, No Greater Call manual every day. Every day! She read out of the Book of Mormon and then would read out of the manual. Every single day. She explained why and talked about how she wanted to be a better teacher – both at Church and in her home.

Since we are all teachers, and since I specifically have a teacher calling in my ward, I thought I will start studying the manual more. I think I will follow this good sister’s example and read from the manual after my nightly page-and-a-half from the Book of Mormon.

What are you studying this week?

Link up below – either put a link to an article that you are going to be reading this week, or a gospel-related article you really liked, or something you wrote about a gospel topic that you studied. Feel free to add the button below to your post! For more info check out the Sunday Study page.

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