Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Arise–2012 Mutual Theme

I was looking for an arrangement of Love is Spoken Here for our Youth to sing in sacrament meeting (I’m the choir director in our ward and I’m trying to get more people involved in the music in the ward) and thought “I wonder if there is a song for the Mutual Theme for this year.”

Sure enough, there is! I don’t think it’s appropriate for sacrament meeting – more for a fireside or youth activity – so we won’t be using it to sing in sacrament meeting, but it was really a neat video, so I had to share. I hope you enjoy it. The tune is really catchy, and the young man’s voice is really beautiful (or handsome? not sure if that rule applies for voices…). If you have youth in your family you should download the song for them. You can download it free here. I am going to download it for myself. I love the seminary video soundtracks. Some of those songs are my favorite to listen to. This one is just as inspiring. I hope you will listen and enjoy and share!

What are your favorite songs for youth? Do you have youth in your home? Do they listen to the seminary music?

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  1. THAT is an awesome video! I can't wait to share it with my youth; thanks! :)


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