Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Fulness of his Intent

Post have been few and far between this week. I have been catching up in a lot of areas of my life and now I am getting back into posting. At least a little. I still need to do GCBC this week!

I have been reading the Book of Mormon every day, but not my one and a half pages, so I will probably spend some quality time in its pages this weekend.

Have I told you how much I absolutely love the Book of Mormon?

Here's part of why:

I have been learning that every page of this book has a purpose - and that purpose is to draw people to Christ and the Father and to salvation.

Faith in Christ. Repent. Be baptized. Receive the Holy Ghost. Endure to the end.

There is a reason we call them the "first principles and ordinances of the gospel". They are the ones that are plastered on every page of the Book of Mormon.

How are you doing with your Book of Mormon reading? Are you trying to finish by a certain time? What is your favorite message from the Book of Mormon?

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  1. Becca thank you so much for this reminder to get into the scriptures more. My favorite part of the Book of Mormon is really everytime the Lord teaches or speaks to me from its pages. It seems when I open them up, inspiration comes in whatever I am dealing with in my life. I may read and the answer may come in its verses, or inspiration may just come separate from what I am reading. I am anxious to look through your blog. Thanks for reaching out to strength others.

  2. Excellent!!! I love the Book of Mormon and you are right...the message is come unto Christ...repent, be baptized!


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