Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Fragments



Since this is my first “Friday Fragments” post (from Heather’s Friday meme over at Women in the Scriptures) I thought I should share a few things about myself. I mostly post about the scriptures, and not so much about personal things, so here is my chance to show you a little bit about my personal side!

2Other than about 9 months where I team-taught the 11-12 year old Primary kids, and my freshman year at college when I was the Relief Society Secretary, I have been either a choir or Primary pianist/accompanist, or choir director. That’s been almost 6 years. We just started attending our neighborhood ward (we were attending a Portuguese speaking ward a few minutes away) and will probably getting new callings soon. I won’t be surprised if I get called to a music calling again. It seems either 1) Heavenly Father needs me in music callings or 2) I didn’t learn what I was supposed to learn from my last music callings or maybe 3) Heavenly Father wants me to use my talents to bless the lives of others.


I recently stumbled on a blog titled “Becoming LDS” and it prompted me to think about focusing some of this blog on introducing people to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am going to start writing some posts that have to do with becoming LDS, and familiarizing people with the Church. It will be a new section on my blog, but I haven’t come up with a title for it yet. You’ll know when I do, though.


I don’t coupon. I’m not completely against it, but I just don’t do it. We eat mostly fresh and whole foods, and there are rarely coupons for fresh and whole foods, so I just don’t feel that the time it would take me to find coupons and deals is worth it. However, I do shop the sales papers for produce, and try to plan my meals around the cheap produce. The one thing I will always pay whatever they are asking for is Gala apples. I am trying to learn how to have a good garden so that I can put up fresh vegetables and fruit for the winter. We’ve got more tomatoes this year than we know what to do with, so I will be canning lots of diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. (PS – my sister is an extreme couponer and shares “whole food” deals with me when she finds them).


I like to run. I wish I could run more, but my children are a higher priority than my running. When my kids are a little older I will be able to run more often, but right now, it’s about my kids. I am training for a relay in October, and I haven’t been running because of how crazy things have been here, but hopefully I can start running soon… otherwise I might have to switch legs with someone.

Well, that’s my Five Things for Friday! This is actually pretty fun, and I look forward to doing it more often!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Becca
    This is such a good idea, and its no coincidence either. I feel that these blogs we write are a record of our testimonies and we should share them with the world,(or maybe not that big)but it should be a goal. I have shared my blog with friends and coworkers who ask about my beliefs. Our blogs are our testimonies.


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