Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Ones I Missed

I’m posting this on the blog simply for the purpose of having a list somewhere (not written down on a little piece of paper that will get misplaced).
These are the talks from GCBC that I missed so far, so that when I have time and nothing I feel like studying, I can study one of those talks so I won’t be missing any by the time General Conference rolls around again in October.
Update 9/6 - I have been slacking again, and it's almost time for October General Conference! The first Presidency Message this month in the Ensign was about preparing for General Conference and President Uchtdorf recited the story of the member who couldn't tell his interested non-member neighbor what the Prophets had said in the past General Conference. While I have listened to/read the talks enough times that I could probably give you a one-liner about each person's talk, I will feel  horrible if I get all the way to October General Conference without really studying each talk. I feel like it's crunch time, now, so I will probably be studying at least one talk every day for the next few weeks.
GCBC week 23: “Become as a Little Child” by Sister Jean Stevens
GCBC Week 22: “Testimony” by Elder Cecil O. Samuelson Jr
GCBC Week 21: "The Lord’s Richest Blessings" by Elder Carl B. Pratt
GCBC Week 20: "Called to Be Saints" by Elder Benjamín De Hoyos
GCBC Week 19: "Hope" by Elder Steven E. Snow
GCBC Week 18: "Followers of Christ" and "The Essence of Discipleship"
GCBC Week 17: “Preparing the world for the Second Coming” By Elder Neil L. Andersen
GCBC Week 16: “As Many as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten” by Elder D. Todd Christofferson
GCBC Week 15: "The Spirit of Revelation" by Elder David A. Bednar
GCBC Week 14: "The Eternal Blessings of Marriage" by Elder Richard G. Scott 
GCBC Week 10: "Face the Future with Faith" by Elder Russell M. Nelson
GCBC Week 9: "The Sabbath and the Sacrament" by Elder L. Tom Perry
GCBC Week 8: "Guided by the Holy Spirit" by President Boyd K. Packer
GCBC Week 6: "LDS Women Are Incredible!" by Elder Quentin L. Cook
GCBC Week 4: "The Miracle of the Atonement" by Elder C. Scott Grow
GCBC Week 3: "The Holy Temple—a Beacon to the World" by President Thomas S. Monson
GCBC Week 2: "An Ensign to the Nations" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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