Friday, January 8, 2010

“I did not murmur against the Lord”

1 Nephi 18

When Nehpi’s older brothers tied him up on the ship, and the ship was tossed around in the ocean, Nephi comments that he “did not murmur against the Lord because of mine afflictions.”

What humility and faith! I murmur a lot when things are going right, not to mention when things are going poorly. And especially if I feel afflicted. Now, I don’t necessarily murmur “against the Lord,” but I don’t think any murmuring is appropriate.

My institute teacher when I was living with my parents, Dr. Wally, is a great example to me of never murmuring. He and his wife endured a lot of trials, and didn’t murmur against the Lord or anyone.

I want to be more like Nephi – more humble, and more willing to accept what the Lord has for me. It is hard when people around you are complaining and “murmuring” – but it can be done! I can be an example to those around me who may murmur.

I will murmur less, and praise more. I will find the silver lining in every cloud, and thank God for my blessings each day. I will work harder at seeing the blessings in my afflictions. If I am tried and tempted it is only so that God can prove me and my faithfulness. I will not let Him down. I will show Him that through every trial and affliction I will stay true to the faith and that I will praise Him through my weaknesses and trials.

God allows us to be tried and tested. Actually, if you remember that we were present in the counsel in Heaven, we chose to come and be tried and tested. You and I jumped up and down, waving our arms saying “Pick me! Pick me! Send me down there so I can become like You!”

And here I am. Am I becoming like Him?

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