Monday, April 22, 2013

GCBC Week 3: "A Sure Foundation"

I have never been in an earthquake - minor or major - and don't wish to ever have that experience. But I have seen my fair share of spiritual and emotional earthquakes, and I can testify that I have endured them much better when my foundation has been strong.

An earthquake can definitely help you realize when you are missing something.

What were your thoughts about Bishop Davies' talk?

A Sure Foundation - Bishop Dean M. Davies

If you are new to General Conference Book Club, click here to find out more. The basic idea is to study one General Conference talk each week between April conference and October conference, and to chat about the talk here in the comment section. You can also link up (using the linky tool below) to your own blog post about this talk. The link up will be open until I post the next week's talk, but if you study this talk later and missed the link up, feel free to post your link in the comment section.


  1. This talk happened to be one of my favorites because it was one I needed to here and be reminded about. I appreciated it a bunch. I actually saw connections between it and so many other talks at conference too. Seriously, how many times at conference was the importance of taking the sacrament discussed? I gave a talk in church the week after conference and this was one of the talks I discussed.

  2. I thought that this talk was really good and covered the basic seminary answers, pray, scripture study, and going to church (partaking of the sacrament.) I loved how he tied it all in together on building a firm foundation. What a great recipe of how to do this in each of our homes and with our families.

  3. Just wondering if you were going to continue this on your blog. :)

    1. Hey, Zoey! Sorry for being MIA last week. Both Week 4 and 5 are up (I back dated week 4 to last week, so you might have to poke around for it).

      Thanks for keeping me accountable!


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