Sunday, June 17, 2012

GCBC Week 12: "The Powers of Heaven"

It's Fathers' Day here in the United States and I am visiting family so I won't be writing much about this here, but I look forwad to discussing this talk in the comments with you.

This is Elder Bednar's talk from Priesthood Session. We all love Elder Bednar, and since he only spoke in Priesthood Session we wouldn't be able to study his talk if we didn't study the Priesthood Session talks.

"The Powers of Heaven" - by Elder David A. Bednar

What were your thoughts about Elder Bednar's talk?


  1. I love it, it was very enlightening

  2. The things that stood out for me about this talk were the admonitions to action, to be anxiously engaged in God's work in order to qualify for priesthood power. I have three boys, the oldest of whom is almost eleven. He wants nothing more than to be like his dad, even to the point of pining after his dad's very bad eyesight. I am grateful that he can see his dad faithfully visiting his home teaching families, even though he is the bishop, that his dad came home from high adventure camp afire with all the scriptures they had memorized with the young men. I am grateful that he has good examples in his leaders and in the leaders of our ward. I struggle with how to teach him to take those examples of active engagement in God's work, in obedience, to his own life, to the lives of his little brothers. I loved the statement from the talk, that "the men who bear God's holy priesthood should be different than other men." I'm trying to teach my boys (and my girls) this principle--that we who bear Christ's name must bear record of Him as well. We must not keep up with the Jones nor do 'what everyone else is doing.' We must be different, we must be active and anxious about that difference and in doing so, we will be blessed with the powers of heaven, which we so desperately need.

  3. You know what I liked about this talk? I liked that Elder Bednar got a bit personal with the story about his dad. I *love* what his dad told him, about not being baptized for his mom or for him or for anyone else. (I wonder if I live the gospel with that much conviction: do I go through the motions for my spouse? my kids? or is it because I *know* what is right?) I also love the way he separated "authority" and "power"--it made me think of a door with two locks on it, somehow. It also made me feel especially grateful for a husband who is so good about instigating family home evening, scriptures, and prayer in our home. Such a blessing to me.

  4. His talk made me think "How has being a member of this church and being blessed because of ordinances of the priesthood changed me?" This is a good question to ask ourselves often.


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