Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Today I attended a launch event at Deseret Book for a new film, Ephraim's Rescue. It is the true story of Ephraim Hanks, one of the first on the scene to rescue the Martin and Willie handcart companies.

I just got back from grocery shopping after a ridiculously long day, so I won't write a whole lot about it right now. But I will share the trailer, because this movie is awesome. I do have lots to say about the event and the movie, and all the people involved, I'm just too tired to do much tonight.

Without further ado, I give you the trailer for Ephraim's Rescue, coming May 31! Watch for it at a theater near you!


  1. Becca
    Thank you for sharing this, I want to watch it when it comes out. I have a copy of 17 Miracles, but I haven't watched it, I think I will do so.

  2. I am giving away a 17 Miracles DVD on my blog :)

  3. "I Am Ready Now!"

    The story of how Ephraim Hanks came to help the Martin company shows great spiritual sensitivity, courage, and determination. After the first rescue team left Salt Lake City, Ephraim heard a voice in the night calling him to help the handcart companies. The next day he went to the city, where he heard a call for more rescuers. Eph said, "When some of the brethren responded by explaining that they could get ready to start in a few days, I spoke at once saying, 'I am ready now!'" The next day he began the journey east with one light wagon.

    Are we "ready now?" ;)

  4. Also, I thought this account was fascinating: "Soon after leaving South Pass, Ephraim Hanks was preparing his camp in the snow. "I thought how comfortable a buffalo robe would be on such an occasion," he wrote, "and also how I could relish a little buffalo meat for supper, and before lying down for the night I was instinctively led to ask the Lord to send me a buffalo."6 Eph then looked around and saw a buffalo within 50 yards. He killed it with his first shot and then skinned and dressed it, ate some of the meat, and went to bed."

    The word "instinctively" is interesting. Could he have used the word "prompted" in its place? This entire book, The Price We Paid" is full of these awesome accounts of pioneer stock. Written by Andrew D. Olsen.

  5. "In researching these stories, I found them to be even more tragic than I had known before. But for me the most profound discovery, shining through all the heartbreak and misery, is their boundless capacity to instruct and inspire. This power is comparable to the stories in the scriptures. The intent of this book is to contribute to a greater understanding of the Willie and Martin handcart stories. My hope is that as they become better known, their power to teach and bless will continue to increase."

    Andrew D. Olsen, Preface


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