Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scripture Power

This is V’s favorite song these days. He hadn’t heard it before we started attending our English speaking ward. The first day he heard it he came home from Church singing “Scripture Power is the power to win!” and pumping his fist in the air like some crazy activist. But the words are true, and the tune is catchy, so it’s perfect for him.

Yesterday we read Elder Scott’s talk from October General Conference for GCBC, The Power of Scripture. There is definitely power in the scriptures. We have been trying to teach our children the stories of the scriptures.

Each day I try to have the kids pick a picture from the Gospel Art Book and then I read to them the story (direct from the scriptures), and ask them questions about what is going on in the book. Usually we do this at meal time – either breakfast or lunch. I find that my children are more attentive when they are sitting still (and eating helps them sit still). We have read the story of David and Goliath, the story of Captain Moroni, and the story of Jesus calming the sea. There are pictures to so many of the scripture stories in this book, I am excited to share them all with my children.

Our children also watch the Church’s Scripture Story videos. They are produced by the Church and are simply still motion videos of the Scripture Story books also produced by the Church. I love these books because they are a very simple introduction to the stories of the scriptures. Of course, they do not replace reading the actual words of the scriptures, but the nice thing about the books is that they include the scripture reference for each picture, so if you want, you can read the actual text from the scripture to go along with the pictures. We often do that for our family scripture study.

I am always excited to share the scriptures with my children, and it is a blessing to have all these materials made available by the Church to help us teach them about the scriptures. I need to be more consistent in sharing the scriptures with my children so that they will develop a testimony of the power of the scriptures in their lives.

How do you teach your children about the scriptures? Do you read to them? Do you show them pictures? Do you have a schedule? Are you consistent? What resources do you use?

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