Monday, October 3, 2011

My Personal Prophetic Epistles

Here are the things that I am going to do because of what I heard (or felt) at General Conference. I am going to refer to these as my “personal prophetic epistles” – even though some of these things were never explicitly said, they are things that I felt inspired to do through the Holy Spirit.

Items marked with *’s were promptings I received several times, and have a star for each time I felt prompted about that thing.

- Pray for people BY NAME
- keep my temple covenants
- go to the temple***
- learn how to protect the children of Zion
- be a better visiting teacher
- LEAD the women of the world
- prepare for the second coming
- BECOME more charitable by seeking for it and praying for it
- study the New Testament (specifically the Gospels)
- study the life of the Savior (both in the Gospels and in the Americas)
- have more framed artwork of the Christ in our home. A prominent picture in every room of our house.
- have more charity toward my husband
- find joy even when my own unmet needs are great
- Read my Patriarchal Blessing** (read through it each week)
- do all the different work in the temple each month
- write down what I want my children to say about me when they are grown
- plant forget me nots in the garden
- celebrate my strengths and good efforts
- think of what we can do as a family that will be enjoyable and spiritual and bring us closer as a family
- make GOOD sacrifices rather than foolish ones
- be happy with life NOW
- enjoy each day’s beautiful moments
- every night write down in my journal one moment from the day that was a blessing and brought me joy
- remember the WHY of the gospel (the “to be” list)
- write down WHY I have made the gospel of Jesus Christ a fundamental part of my life
- memorize scriptures
- PONDER the scriptures more often
- STUDY the scriptures more frequently. Read the words of the scriptures daily
- make a goal to read the standard works in a certain amount of time
- share the message of the Savior and His plan of Happiness
- testify
- find those who need to be found
- follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost
- pray each day to find someone to help/serve/love
- be a living witness of my testimony
- teach the youth how to do family history research
- have more babies*
- find more ways to give service
- budget my time
- rid my life of “time-wasting” activities
- be sure that “busyness” is also being productive
- PRAY before I get on the computer
- Identify the time-wasting distractions that need to be “ground to dust”
- turn to the prophet when I feel like I cannot find God – The Prophets lead us to God
- have a “can-do, will-do” attitude
- pray diligently to fulfill and magnify my calling
- look UP!
- call those around me to repentance (when moved on by the Holy Ghost)
- invite all my friends to temple open houses. Announce temple open houses on Facebook
- be a good example of the Church online and in my life
- be BOLD in my declaration of Jesus Christ
- have access to a copy of the all the "Teachings" books
- Read the Book of Mormon* (and take Moroni’s challenge)
- Read the Book of Mormon EVERY YEAR
- turn to the Lord in my trials
- do not be impatient for answers to prayers
- Read C.S. Lewis
- issue a challenge to my Facebook friends to read the Book of Mormon and take Moroni’s challenge
- let our children teach us about parenting
- be BOLD in proclaming that I am CHRISTIAN
- look up article about refinement from the Ensign
- teach my children to have CONSCIENCE (to listen to the Spirit)
- be a defender of religion, morality, the Savior, etc.
- learn to be in the world, but not of the world
- offer more prayers of gratitude
- have a “gratitude” fast when I feel very grateful
- be worthy to receive inspiration and then ACT, follow the inspiration I receive
- keep the covenants I made with Russ in the temple
- read the WORDS of the Savior in the scriptures
- learn how to refine my life and more fully live the gospel
- learn to do the will of the Father
- turn to the Savior when my heart feels “stirred up” – cast out Satan
- become REAL
- pause to listen, observe, and carefully proceed (when in teaching situations)
- make early and decisive correction
- take time to study the words of God
- learn the language of the Spirit
- magnify my calling

STUDY: faith, hope, charity, Daughters in My Kingdom manual**, covenants, the sermon of King Benjamin, the account of Ammon, Proverbs, RS Theme (memorize it), the names of the Savior, Repentance, the covenants I have made, the Abrahamic covenant.

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