Monday, April 4, 2011

What I am Going to Do

These are the things that I decided to do while listening to General Conference. Goals I have made, new habits I want to form, areas of my life that I want to perfect.

- Wear our Sunday best on the Sabbath day to make sure we are acting in a manner acceptable to the Lord on His day. (this made me think of an article I read over at one my my favorite blogs)
-We need to be more purposeful, deliberate, and particular about the things we do on the Sabbath day.
-We need to sit down and decide what WE believe about and do on the Sabbath.
-We should be more like little children.
-Study covenant making/keeping.
-Give more to the poor and needy through the Church welfare program.
-spend less than we earn so that we can serve others
-Meet both the temporal and spiritual needs of those we serve.
-I will respond promptly to the whisperings of the Spirit
-TALK about the gospel and gospel truths ALL THE TIME!
-Be the answer to someone’s prayer.
-Remember when it feels like I can’t cope with my trials, the means that Heavenly Father has something for me to learn and grow in that area.
-follow welfare principles more perfectly – be more thrifty, spend MUCH less than we make.
-do my visiting teaching!
-be less judgmental of the poor and needy. Give to the poor and needy regardless of why they are poor or needy.
-work harder to sustain our family so that we can help provide for others.
-give all that we have to those who need it more than we do.
-take care of those in need and listen to the promptings of the Spirit so that we can be the answer to the prayers of others
-keep on keeping on
-attend the temple more often
-when I am facing trials and tribulation, I will think about the covenants I have made in the temple.
-be more willing to give and not think of myself
-seek to serve others; pray for opportunities to ease the burdens of others.
-be willing to accept and conform to divine correction.
-do not resist or resent chastening. Look at it as an opportunity to repent and put on the divine nature.
-pray for Heavenly Father’s love inspired correction.
-be more prompt in praying our tithing.
-I will do more and be more like the Savior Jesus Christ
-ask the child what they learned from the misbehavior
-pray for Christ-like attributes for myself and for my children.
-I will refer to the Church by it’s full name all the time and will refer to myself and members of the Church as Latter Day Saints.
-I will BECOME a Saint – live worth of being referred to as a Latter Day Saint.
-consecrate my life to fulfill my callings and to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.
-have faith and stamina like President Monson
-lighten the load of our prophet President Monson and help bear his burden.

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