Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Study and Meditation

Visions from God usually are given when the receiver has been studying scripture and pondering on the principles found therein. Meditation and study is one of the keys to receiving revelation. Those quiet moments can be hard to find, especially as a wife and mother, but they are even the most important to us. Women with responsibilities over children have some of the greatest need for constant direction and revelation from God. These precious sprits have been entrusted to us to guide and to raise up to the Lord. I need constant guidance from the Lord to know how to deal with my children and teach and guide them. I need to be taught and led myself in the correct way to govern my household. There is so much I don’t understand about teaching my children. I falter every day in leading them and guiding them in righteousness. I lose my temper, my patience, and my charity. I need to spend more time loving and teaching and less time scolding and lecturing.

As I study and pray, I know that the Lord will reveal to me the best ways to approach my family, but I must make time for that divine communion every day. I cannot let Satan in my home, and the best way to keep him out is to consistently commune with my Heavenly Father and beg for His help and guidance and especially for His spirit to grace our home.

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