Thursday, August 2, 2012

Some Time Each Day

Several months ago I was listening to one of Sister Julie B. Beck’s Q&As on the Mormon Channel and she said something I have heard her say before, but this time it really hit me.


As a busy mother of small children it’s easy to skip scripture study, or not do it because I feel like if I don’t have a whole hour to devote to some serious study of the gospel I might as well scrap it all. But Sister Beck’s counsel is wise. While it is nice to be able to spend hours on end in gospel study that kind of study isn’t always realistic – especially from mothers of small children who seem to need something at all hours of the day and night.

But “some” is a very loose term, and at different times in our lives “some” time might be simply reading our favorite verse, or a familiar chapter. There may be other seasons where “some” time means we get to read page or two before bed. Even other times in our lives we may have the opportunity for “some” time to mean we get to study a passage, experience, or story from the scriptures in some depth and detail, cross referencing with the footnotes, looking up other resources online or from other materials we may have.

For me, right now, spending “some” time in the scriptures each day is reading my Book of Mormon each night – whether it be one verse or two pages. I have been slacking lately because I have let myself be convinced by the lie that it isn’t worth it unless I can really study what I am reading.

But even one verse of the scriptures can work miracles with our souls. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

What does “some time” each day look like in your life? How has the amount of time you’ve been able to spend in the scriptures changed as you have gone through the seasons of life? How do you make the most of the “some” time you spend in the scriptures each day?


  1. I recently purchased two notebooks that are specifically designed for scripture study. I proceeded to devote an hour each evening to fill the pages with thoughts and observations as I studied the scriptures. That didn't last long!!

    I, too, fell into the trap of thinking if I didn't have time/energy/brain space for a long session of studying than it wasn't worth it at all.

    Thanks for the reminder. I needed it.

  2. There are a few things I have done to get those few precious spirit-infusing moments during the day as a mom with many children, some of whom are in diapers.

    A few years ago, when I just had a toddler and a baby, I would write out a few scriptures or quotes from general authorities on 3x5 notecards and slip them in those plastic page protectors with the little 3x5 slots. I would tape one of those pages with the notecards in the pockets to the outside of my glass shower door and when I would take a shower, I'd read those cards aloud to myself.

    Kinda different, but worked great for those looooong days when my DH was gone a lot and most of my days were spent with the littlest ones. I even got to memorize a few and that felt good to feel like I had something of my own to do and could measure a personal accomplishment, albeit small. I would change out the scriptures with ones I felt I needed from time to time.

    One other devotional I have enjoyed since my oldest was born is to sing a hymn in the morning after waking, even just softly to myself if I had anyone sleeping nearby. If I felt in a happy mood, I chose a hymn from the praise section of the LDS hymn book, or if I needed strength for the day, I'd choose accordingly.

    At the bottom of the hymn page are a few scripture references, which I would look up one or more if time allowed. Coupled with prayer, that was and is one of my favorite ways to worship and connect with my Heavenly Father. Often, after singing many hymns and reading scriptures over the years, when I have a difficult moment during the day with a child or a moment of personal frustration or sadness, a hymn will come to my mind and be just what I need.

    I feel that is just what Sister Beck is referring to, it is whatever brings us closer to the spirit and God and helps us receive the inspiration we need to accomplish our tasks.

    I know when we each pray and ask for the kinds of "time" in the word of God we need, God will help each of us to find the ways that will work best--we just need to pick something and DO it....and let's all let go of that just doesn't have any place in our day! Let's all do the best we can and let it be enough; He accepts the offering we each give.

  3. I LOVE Eve's suggestions. I too have let my scripture study slide and unless I do some major studying, I'm not going to meet my yearly goal. But more importantly I really need that spiritual connection every day. Thank you Eve. I definitely like the idea of singing a hymn and reading those scriptures


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