Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fragments – One


I tried to have a post scheduled for yesterday, but I totally forgot. Lame. I was going to have one of my Book of Mormon papers post, but I forgot to edit it, and so it will be up on Tuesday. I was going to post two each week (Tues and Thurs – mornings that are rushed around here, rushed = no time for blogging), but I think I may just post one each week.


I am going to start a Saturday linkup called Sunday Reads. It will be a place for people to link to Sunday-appropriate reading material. I will be posting some of my favorites from the week (mostly from, but some from really good blogs). I will be posting it on Saturday so that if you’re looking for some good gospel study topics while the kids are napping after Church, you can come over here and get some inspiration. I’m excited, and I hope you’ll share some good stuff with me, so we can all get inspired.


I tutor online for a company that I love. If you are looking for some part time work from home, head over there and apply to be a tutor. Put down Rebecca R as your referral and I get a bonus if you get hired! But really, it’s a great job – super flexible, but helps me keep up my math skills (speaking of which… those are sooo rusty. I feel like my brain hasn’t worked in ages…) I usually tutor at night after the kids go to bed, but sometimes I tutor during naptime as well.


I have been doing loads of laundry today. (ha ha, loads – that’s a pun. Get it?) We have had too much bedwetting lately, and Papai (Portuguese for “daddy”) put the kiddos to bed last night without making sure they went potty before bed. Dad’s seem to be clueless sometimes about that kind of stuff. As a mother, I rarely forget to have the kids go potty before bed. But that’s probably because I’m usually the one changing the wet sheets in the morning and washing peed on clothes and bedding. I could draw a lot of life metaphors from that, but my head hurts right now.


We stayed up waaay too late on Sunday night talking with our good friends. It was an excellent conversation, and I think my mind was opened to a lot of things. It was interesting to hear all the different points of view and the ways people see things. I’ll have to write about it here some day. My goodness, it was a great conversation! Even though we all hardly agreed (the topic was marriage and physical appearances) I feel like I really came away with some new perspective on the whole matter. And it’s always fun to chat with these friends (most people would call it a debate – but it’s a good healthy one, and we’re always still friends afterwards… I hope!)

However, I am still recovering from the lack of sleep the great conversation caused. Seriously, I think we were up until 3 in the morning!

I’ll leave you with this one thought from the conversation – my husband told me at some point (either while we were engaged or shortly after we were married) that before he proposed he asked himself, “Could I still love Becca if she got really fat?” His answer was “Yes” and so he married me. That may sound really strange, but I think it was a really profound and important thing for a man to ask himself before he gets married. And he’s been true to it. I got really plump with my first pregnancy (especially compared to my marriage weight of about 110 lbs) but my husband thought I was beautiful – even after I wasn’t “pregnant” beautiful, but just “postpartum fat”. And I know that he will love me no matter what I look like, ever.


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