Sunday, April 18, 2010


The Mirriam-Webster dictionary defines refined as “free from impurities.”

Then, God, being perfect, must be free from impurities, and we, as His children striving to return to him, must be constant in our quest to be refined.

Other definitions include “fastidious, cultivated, precise, exact.”

Last summer this article was published in the Ensign magazine.

One of my favorite quotes is from the very beginning of the article (which is adapted from a BYU Devotional address). The author says, “God speaks all languages, and He speaks them properly. He is restrained and modest of speech. When God described the grand creational process of this earth, He said in measured tones that ‘it was good’ (Genesis 1:4). We would be disappointed if God had used ‘awesome’ or other exaggerated phrases.”

The article has caused me to reflect on my life. I feel like I have become less refined, which is a little discouraging. However, I know that the atonement is real, and as I slip from the path, if I recognize my mistakes, I will be able to return quickly to the path toward Heavenly Father and eternal life.

I know that I can pray and ask for forgiveness, and moreover ask for strength to continue to be refined and cultivated, pure and fastidious.

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