Sunday, May 5, 2013

GCBC Week 5: "The Savior Wants to Forgive"

I am grateful that the Savior wants to forgive. I am also grateful for the knowledge we have of a merciful, forgiving God. Isn't that a much better thought than someone who wants to make us pay for every sin we have committed? Isn't is a beautiful thought that a man loved us so much that He gave himself as an offering for our sins? He offered himself to satisfy the demands of justice, allowing God to be merciful and forgive us.

Can we even imagine the love He must feel for us?

What were your thoughts about Elder Cardon's talk?

The Savior Wants to Forgive - Elder Craig A. Cardon

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  1. After 5 times of reading this talk, I'll admit that I am just barely understanding what he is saying and why. I was looking forward to reading other insights about this one. My favorite line is "Yet, in His mercy, He allows for improvement over time rather than demanding immediate perfection."

    1. A few people spoke in our stake conference this weekend about forgiveness, repentance, and mercy. I think the magnitude of Christ's forgiveness for us is a very important part of the gospel, and something many of us frequently dismiss or forget. It all goes back to the power of the atonement and Christ's ability to heal us - spiritually, and not just physically.

      I also think the other important aspect of this principle is that as we learn to become like Christ, we must become more merciful. I think it is a lot easier for us to accept Christ's forgiveness of our sins than it is for us to forgive the sins of others, especially when we are the victim of a very painful wrong. Becoming Christlike means learning to forgive. One of the speakers at stk conf gave an excellent talk about forgiveness and how forgiving is not the same as forgiving and how sometimes we let that hold us back from forgiving - "How can I forgive?! I will never forget what this person did to me!" But the Lord only requires our forgiveness, he does not require us to forget what the person did. Especially in situations of abuse, etc - we can forgive our abusers, but still protect ourselves. I think it is telling that members of the Church who are found guilty of child abuse have a permanent mark on their Church record, even after they have fully repented and come back into full fellowship - and they are never to have callings where they are with children. This doesn't mean that the Lord didn't forgive them completely.

      That line is one of my favorites, too.

      The Lord's mercy is something I am forever grateful for, and something I will probably never full understand, although I am trying to.

    2. Thank you Becca! I appreciate your insights and thoughts on his talk. I am hoping that our stake picks this talk as one to study for our 4th Sunday lessons so that I am able to learn even more.


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