Sunday, September 2, 2012

GCBC Week 23: “That the Lost May Be Found”

Just as the nausea recedes from my list of pregnancy symptoms, congestion begins in full force. I was thinking about the patience it takes to be pregnant for nine months and I thought, “What a great training ground for the patience it will take to raise a child.” If I can make it through nine months of pregnancy symptoms, then labor and delivery, I can take anything this child can dish out, right?

That the Lost May Be Found – by Elder M. Russell Ballard

I was struck by Elder Ballard’s observation about families -

Opposite of what many had thought, prosperity and education seem to be connected to a higher likelihood of having traditional families and values.

I admired him for bringing out the concern of causation vs correlation.

The real question, of course, is about cause and effect. Do some sectors of our society have stronger values and families because they are more educated and prosperous, or are they more educated and prosperous because they have values and strong families?

But of course we know that it is causation, and we know what the cause is – strong families.

…[S]ocieties at large are strengthened as families grow stronger. Commitments to family and values are the basic cause. Nearly everything else is effect. When couples marry and make commitments to each other, they greatly increase their chances of economic well-being. When children are born in wedlock and have both a mom and a dad, their opportunities and their likelihood of occupational success skyrocket. And when families work and play together, neighborhoods and communities flourish, economies improve, and less government and fewer costly safety nets are required.

What stood out to you from Elder Ballard’s talk?


  1. I want to comment on your preface about pregnancy--Almost everything I've learned about enduring to the end I learned while being pregnant. Once pregnant we can't (or shouldn't) give up just because it is difficult, uncomfortable or long. Whining about all the discomforts won't change them, we just have to endure, gracefully and cheerfully. It reminds me of D&C 123:17 which is a great scripture to refer to when feeling blue about the things we can't change.

    1. I love it! So many lessons waiting to be learned in pregnancy :)

  2. Along with the pregnancy thought, pregnancy does end. And I think sometimes we forget that our trials will have an end. It may not be the end we foresee, but if we can just keeping holding on, there will be an end!

    Great thoughts. I need to read the talk now.

    1. Now you guys have the gears turning for a post about gospel lessons we can learn in pregnancy :)

  3. I'm glad I stopped by your blog. This is just what I needed to hear today! My kids all went back to school (two high-schoolers now. Ah!) And I am going back as well. I was nervous until we had our Back to School blessings last night. But your post helped reaffirm that I am doing the right thing, too. Thank you so much Becca!

  4. I love his sense of humor! His wife doesn't have to ask him to stop and ask for directions; and he can be right when he says he doesn't have to ask for directions! LOL But I know there is so much more here, and am so anxious to review it again and then I will return with a better answer. :)

    PS. I have missed your blog and blogging in general! I hope to be coming around more regularly again! :)

  5. Elder Ballard's talked about the importance of prioritizing. "Put everything you do outside the home in subjection to and in support of what happens inside your home." What a great measuring stick! He said to organize our personal lives so we have time for prayer and scriptures and family activity, teach your children how to work and teach them the gospel. Those are great things to prioritize as we try to get ourselves and our families organized.


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