Sunday, September 23, 2012

GCBC Week 26: Young Women General Meeting

Each spring, the young women of the world have the privilege of hearing from all of their leaders, and the prophet, in a special broadcast tailored specifically to them. I remember after I turned twelve and entered the Young Women program the thing I looked forward to the most was being able to attend the General Young Women’s Broadcast.

I can’t wait until my daughter is twelve and she gets to attend these meeting as well.

But thanks to the Ensign and other church publications and websites, the messages from the Young Women’s broadcast are available to everyone and the messages are excellent and pertinent to any member of the Church, not just the Young Women.

I felt like it was important to study the YW broadcast talks this year in GCBC. I have been listening to them along with the other General Conference talks, and I really felt the messages from the broadcast speak to me. They are timely messages for all Latter-day Saints, and we should all be studying them.

This week we will be studying the messages from the General Young Women presidency. Next week we will study President Monson’s talk to the YW, and the next week will be October General Conference and the start of the next round of GCBC! (which will be held back at Diapers and Divinity! Make sure after next week you head over there for the posts and discussion)

Arise and Shine Forth - Sister Ann M. Dibb
Now Is the Time to Arise and Shine! - Sister Elaine S. Dalton


  1. These were AWESOME talks to read. Thank you for the reminder that messages intending for the youth are EXCELLENT for mom's too.

    My soul delighteth when my kids mimic something that I have done that is good. (Let's not get into bad habits!) I love it when they remind me that we need to say a prayer or have FHE. It means I must be doing something right. We get so busy with life, sometimes I need reminders for a gentle nudge too.

    Each of these talks had something different that reminds me of something I want to be better at, I loved these talks. It was definitely something I needed to hear today.

  2. I loved reading the three messages. Sister Cook's "flat light" analogy reminded me of Sister Dalton's analogy of the swimmer and the fog. It is tricky to get through this life sometimes because of all of the distractions, but because of the Holy Ghost and Christ's atonement and the temple, Heavenly Father has prepared the way for us to succeed.


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