Sunday, September 9, 2012

GCBC Week 24: "Only Upon the Principles of Righteousness" & "Was it Worth It?"

I am too tired to go downstairs and write up a full blown, formatted post for this week, so I am just going to put the links up right now (I'll add the video later).

I appreciated that Elder Wilson reminded us that the right to use any God-given authority, which to me includes motherhood and any calling in the Church, Priesthood of not, is based on the same principles - whether we are male or female. Too often we get in this spat about women not having the Priesthood. Well, ladies, D&C 121:36-37 applies to us just as much as it applies to the men. Don't go around thinking that just because you aren't ordained to a Priesthood office somehow means that you are any less responsible or accountable than a man.

Such principles apply to all leaders in the Church as well as to fathers and mothers in their homes.

Elder Wilson also warned us from waiting to let our children exercise their agency

Our children are in our homes for a limited time. If we wait until they walk out the door to turn over to them the reins of their moral agency, we have waited too long.

True words.

Whenever the gospel is shared, it is never "just one boy." Whenever conversion happens or someone returns to the Lord it is a family that is saved.

What stood out to you from these talks?

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  1. Hey Becca! I read this blog the other day I can't even remember where I found it but it completely reminded me of you. i will figure out how to share it with you, it was a story about this little baby, her Mother was homeless and she got sick and would have died. She is being fostered though by a family that knows her family and they are helping her Mother get the help she needs so that she can take care of her. It was such a beautiful story and I kept thinking of you, you posted a while ago about how you are thinking of becoming a foster parent. I don't know where you are in the process but I am certain that things will happen the way the Lord wants them to and you will be an awesome foster Mom! Ok let me figure out how to share this...Sometime I will share with you my own story, it has to do with this in a way. I prefer to share it privately though but I'd like to share it with you. Ok have a wonderful night and sorry if my post seems sort of random, i know it's not about this post sorry I just felt like sharing.

    1. Ok so I just posted it on my blog as I wasn't sure how to share it, sorry I am not very tech savvy. Anyway you should be able to click the link here and read it.

      They may have been being political about this, that isn't why I am sharing it, I just thought that it was so great that this precious little girl is being fostered and taken care of and her Mom is getting the help that she needs, and like I said it made me think of you since you said you were thinking of becoming a foster Mom yourself. Ok have a wonderful night!

  2. The importance of kids learning to use their moral agency whole at home has been on my mind so this is timely. I remember this talk and am glad to have a chance to re read it.

  3. I appreciated all of the great parenting insights in Elder Wilson's talk regarding agency for our children. "In raising our family, we decided that our most important goal would be to help our children establish their own connection to heaven." What a great goal to have as parents!


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