Monday, March 5, 2012

Scripture KidStories–Abinadi

My almost-five year old, V, loves the Book of Mormon stories. Especially the war stories.

The other day he was playing with his toys and he was narrating his play.

“The Nephites were fighting with the Zoramites, and the Zoramites were fighting with the Lamanites. And the fighting became so dense that many people began to die.” (make sure you imagine a five year old’s best “dramatic” voice for that last line…)

I didn’t even know he knew how to use the word “dense” in a sentence like that…

I was inspired by him using the Book of Mormon stories in his pretend play and decided that I would ask him if he would let me make videos of him telling me scripture stories. He agreed, and thus “Scripture KidStories” was born.

Without further ado, here is the first in hopefully a long series of scripture stories as told by my oldest son.

Scripture KidStories–Abinadi

(you can subscribe to my YouTube page where I will be posting more Scripture KidStories videos as we record them. I’ll try to post them here, too. If you would like to contribute a Scripture KidStories video of your child telling a scripture story, please email me at mysouldelighteth (at) gmail (dot) com)

Do your kids use Book of Mormon stories in their pretend play? Do they know the scripture stories well enough to tell them to you (or others)? How do you teach your children the scripture stories?

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  1. Wow! He remembered quite a lot! It is so neat to see his inquisitive nature; he really wants to learn and has a good/pure heart that can't comprehend evil; That is really neat! He is a great blessing to your home. :)

    PS. I think this video will inspire other moms to teach their young ones the scripture stories. Way to inspire! :D


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