Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Study Together

My husband and I like to study gospel topics together, but we’re not always good at it, and we don’t always study the same material at the same time, so our discussions don’t always have the breadth and depth they could have. So we have come up with a new system. For our date nights, we already have a good system in place – we rotate weeks for the date planning. One week, he picks the date, finds a sitter, and makes all the plans, and the next week it’s my turn. So we decided that we’d do the same thing for our gospel study together, and the person not planning the date would pick the topic for gospel study.

We don’t have a lot of time during the week to study together, since my husband leaves for work early and by the evening we’re just about able to have family scriptures and family prayer and then hit the sack, so we have decided that Sunday afternoons when the kids are napping would be the ideal time for us to have a really in depth gospel discussion. During the week, we study individually (I have more time during the morning and afternoon to study, and my husband has more time in the evenings). We email our finds (articles, talks, scripture references) to each other so that individually we can be studying the same things. Then when we get together on Sunday, we can have an intelligent discussion about the things we have studied.

This week is the first week we’ll actually do it, and since this Sunday is Easter Sunday we decided to pick the topic of Easter.

How do you study with your spouse? Do you do some kind of companionship study? Do you both have the same amount of time to study?

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  1. That is a great idea! It is true, it can be hard to juggle studying with your spouse when you each have busy schedules and can't find free time at the same time. Studying on your own and coming together once a week to discuss and share is an awesome idea. Hope you don't mind if we steal it!


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