Monday, March 28, 2011

181st Annual LDS General Conference

The 181st Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will begin on April 2, 2011 at 10:00 am in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, UT.

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am for General Conference. I think I am even more excited about Conference this April because of the depth of study I have undertaken of the October General Conference. I think consistently, carefully, and deeply studying the words of October’s General Conference has really prepared me to be anxious for these upcoming sessions. I have really eaten up the words of the prophets, and I am anxious to hear the “new” word. I was telling my husband that I know that the General Authorities will not say anything particularly new at this General Conference – but I know that their words will be direct inspiration from our Heavenly Father, and I am excited to listen and learn from Him through the mouths of His holy Prophets.

I have a lot on my mind right now, so I think that General Conference is coming at just the right moment (or it’s my worries and stress that are coming at the right moment – but either way, this weekend is promising to be pretty awesome).

I like to have questions that I am praying about that Heavenly Father will help me answer at General Conference. Right now I have quite a few.

I would like to finish all the talks from October General Conference on this blog, but I think I may just have to do a few of the Apostle’s talks, and then begin with April General Conference next week.

Also, I am going to start studying the Church’s Handbook of Instructions (book number 2), along with studying some other topics that I may feel particularly drawn to. This intensive study of the General Conference talks has been great for me, though. I think that I will review one talk a week, and I will start with the talks from only the Apostles. I will try to include the other talks in my study of other topics (and maybe in my study of the Church Handbook), but I don’t think I will continue to study the other talks in such depth on my blog, unless, of course, I feel inspired to.

There are several ways to experience General Conference these days, so no one has an excuse for not listening to, reading, or watching this Conference. Go here for more information.

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