Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Promised Land

1 Nephi 13

I was raised to love this country, America, the land of the free. As I have grown and come to learn and observe, I have often had my doubts about the destiny of this country. In my studies of history and politics, and as I read the news and hear the stories of vulgarity, crime, and violence, I wonder if this country really is the promised land.

And then I remember that in the 1820s a young boy by the name of Joseph Smith received a vision from God on American soil. There is no other place on this earth where the gospel could have been restored. I firmly believe that. If the state of this nation is less than perfect, if the leaders of our nation are corrupt and selfish, it does not change the fact that this nation was lifted up by the hand of God to be the place where He could restore His gospel and bestow His power once again to man.

Even in the current political climate, I feel a current of freedom running through the veins of this great country. There is still freedom here. There are still liberties which few people enjoy as fully as we do. Certainly there are problems, and weaknesses, but I prefer freedom in a weak country to captivity in a strong one.

I feel blessed to have been born into this great country, and I want to do my part to keep it strong. Our freedom is our greatest asset in this country. May we always cherish it.

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