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Me - Becca 

I am just your average young wife and mother, trying to learn as much as I can about the gospel and sharing what I can when I can. I feel strongly about the gospel (particularly the basic gospel principles), marriage, families, motherhood, the word of wisdom, music, learning, wholesome recreation, and loving your neighbor.

We have struggles, trials, and we face temptation on every side - just like anyone else. We try to turn to the Lord and to the scriptures when we struggle, and that has made every difference in our lives. 

This blog has been a place to record my gospel journey as I learn more about the doctrines of my Savior Jesus Christ. I do not know everything, and there are a lot of gospel principles I need to learn more about. But I hope that by sharing my journey, others will be encouraged to make a similar journey.

I would love to hear from you - whether with questions or comments. Leave a comment on a post on the blog, or you can email me at mysouldelighteth (at) gmail (dot) com

PS - We also have a family blog, and I have a few other blogs (herehere, and here). The family blog is private, but if you would like to read it, just send me your email address, your name, and your blog to the email address above, and I will consider adding you to the reader list.

You can also now find me over at with Real Intent:
Real Intent
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