30 Days of Gratitude 2011

Today I am Thankful for...

Day 1: my family

Day 2: the gospel

Day 3: a yard to rake

Day 4: a good job for my husband - one that he loves and enjoys and that allows him to provide for us

Day 5: dry erase marker on my bed sheets and covers that remind me of the little people I have to love

Day 6: stupors of thought that help me make room for more important answers than the ones I was looking for

Day 7: people who listen when we need to talk (I want to be more like those people)

Day 8: prayer and answers to prayer

Day 9: the scriptures

Day 10: career options for my husband - even though sometimes it's hard to figure out the right path to take

Day 11: Church callings that give us an opportunity to grow and learn

Day 12: my husband's ability to communicate with people in their native language

Day 13: opportunities for my husband to serve the Church

Day 14: easy access to gospel study materials, including lds.org and speeches.byu.edu

Day 15: our co-op preschool

Day 16: second chances - and the role the atonement plays in that

Day 17: a home to share with my family and anyone else who needs a home

Day 18: extended family - both my side and his

Day 19: a strong support system of love for my children - friends, neighbors, family, teachers

Day 20: a fabulous ward family!

Day 21: General Conference - a chance to hear God's word directly from His prophets twice a year

Day 22: safety in keeping covenants

Day 23: good coworkers and friends for my husband

Day 24: good Thanksgiving food!

Day 25: brand new babies, fresh from  Heavenly Father

Day 26: little reminders from Heavenly Father

Day 27: my sweet angel J who helps keep me sane when I feel like I might be losing it. And is also occasionally the source of my insanity

Day 28: journals, and the things the old me teaches me when I go back and read them

Day 29: Mormon Mommy blogger friends who help me learn about the gospel (here, here, and here)

Day 30: charity

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  1. This is really cool. During the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving in 2011, my friend and I each kept a journal of EVERYTHING we were thankful for, and our intention was to see who could write down the most things that we were thankful for. Even though the competition part didn't work out super well, it was really great to recognize all of the wonderful things we have!


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